Uncomfortable Conversations Live | Douglas Murray & Josh Szeps in ConversationUncomfortable Conversations Live | Douglas Murray & Josh Szeps in Conversation  presented by TEG Dainty
Mar '24

Uncomfortable Conversations Live | Douglas Murray & Josh Szeps in Conversation

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Uncomfortable Conversations Live | Douglas Murray & Josh Szeps in Conversation
Australia 2024

TEG DAINTY is thrilled to announce that the brilliant Douglas Murray and Josh Szeps will appear on stage together for a series of live shows in March 2024. After creating a splash resigning from ABC Radio to expand his podcast into video and live events, Szeps is honoured to welcome Murray as the first guest of Uncomfortable Conversations: Live.

Embark on a journey of intellectual exploration and candid dialogue as the Uncomfortable Conversations live tour hosted by Josh Szeps, featuring the esteemed guest Douglas Murray, promises to bring the provocative and insightful spirit of the widely acclaimed podcast throughout Australia.

Douglas Murray is a distinguished author and social commentator renowned for his thought-provoking perspectives. With opinions which often challenge mainstream dialogue, together with Josh Szeps they’ll navigate a labyrinth of contemporary topics, from politics and culture to social dynamics and beyond as they bring Uncomfortable Conversations to life on stage.

Since making headlines worldwide after his seventh appearance on the world’s most popular podcast, the Joe Rogan show, Josh Szeps has smashed through three million downloads with his interview show, Uncomfortable Conversations. Rejecting easy groupthink, Uncomfortable Conversations forces engaged, educated listeners to consider unpopular opinions from diverse guests. Brooking no nonsense, taking no prisoners, it has become the indispensable ‘safe space’ for provocative celebrities to debate deep ideas.

This tour offers an unparalleled opportunity for fans and newcomers alike to engage in a live, interactive setting. Each event will feature a deep dive into themes from Murray’s latest works, followed by vibrant Q&A sessions where audience members can participate in the discourse, posing questions and offering viewpoints.

An evening of stimulating debates, enlightening insights, and lively discussions, the tour promises to be a celebration of the power of conversation to connect, challenge and change our understanding of the world.

Don’t miss this unique chance to witness two brilliant minds at work live on stage.

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Tour dates

  • Perth, Astor Theatre

    Tue, 19 Mar '24

  • Adelaide, Norwood Concert Hall

    Thu, 21 Mar '24

  • Brisbane, Brisbane Showgrounds

    Fri, 22 Mar '24

  • Sydney, Sydney Enmore Theatre

    Sun, 24 Mar '24

  • Sydney, Sydney Enmore Theatre

    Sun, 24 Mar '24

  • Melbourne, Athenaeum Theatre

    Tue, 26 Mar '24

  • Melbourne, Athenaeum Theatre

    Wed, 27 Mar '24

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